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[Filter: Martha]

Oh, Martha... I miss you so much! Have you heard the news, yet?
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Oh -- oh no! Stop the carriage! I -- I feel -- ah! I'm going to --
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[Filter: Martha]

Well... all of our bags are packed, and our carriage is going to be here in a few hours, now. To take us back to Rowan!

I... I'm sorry that I have to go. I'm the one who pushed it, you know. I told Glenn -- and Glenn told Kiefer... I'll miss you so much, but the longer I stay here, the more I start thinking that I'll just turn a corner one day and then -- he'll be there, staring at me, smiling...

... it's so silly. He's long dead. But...

... I don't suppose...

I know you're Princess now! And I know you're busy. But do you want to come to the townhouse and have tea with us before we leave? Friska would love to have you there, too!
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[Filter: Glenn]

Oh, Glenn...

I miss you so much already! I didn't want to write to you yesterday, that felt so -- so weak! You'd just ridden off, and already... but I can't help it. Ever since you left, all I can see is how tired I am of being here and how hard it is to leave the townhouse and...

Sunday night was so, so wonderful, but now I just want to go home. I think that Kiefer is so focused on Martha, he doesn't notice... but... but Ned doesn't seem as well as she had, either. Last night, I saw her just staring into space at the table, and I thought...

Poor, poor Ned.

... how is your journey so far? Have you gotten much snow? It's snowing here today! I still like the snow, even though I don't go out much in it...

... I really, really miss you.
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[Filter: My Family, excluding Tarmon]

... oh.

They're back!

... do you think Tarmon has noticed? Oh, it's been so easy to hide from him without these! It's probably about to get a lot harder...

But... it's just until tomorrow. Then he'll go on to Eblar! Won't he?

Oh, look at me! All worried about this when you're getting married tomorrow, Martha! You're going to be a Princess!
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[Filter: Glenn]


I've... I've been good. Things didn't get terrible again when you left. I'm glad! I was worried. It's so irrational! But it really did seem that you made everything better just by being there, and...

Um. Ned has her good days and her bad days, but it's not so terrible as it was. And Friska and I are still talking! I do miss all the decorations, though. We have to wait another whole year until next Festival. I wonder if we'll be able to spend it in Byron?

... have you been well, my lord?
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[Filter: Glenn]

I wish...

I wish you didn't have to leave.

Everything has been so much better since you were here! Things with Friska and I, they almost feel back to normal! And Ned, Ned has been so much better! And that means that Kiefer has been happier! And Connie loves it when you're around, she does, Glenn, and all the children -- they just adore you! And of course, your father... well, you are his favourite. He's so puffed up and proud when you're around...


And me, too. And I've just been so happy. Having you here.

It's like the moment that you came home, riding up on Stannis like a romantic dark knight, everything here just got better again, and...

Can't you stay, Glenn?
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He's here! He's here! I see his contingent on the road, he's here! I wish -- I wish I could ride out to meet him! But all of his men are there, and, and...

NO! No, I want to ride out! I want to ride out and meet him! I'm going! I'll bring Ashelia and Friska --? Do you want to come? I'm going!
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Oh, it's been just so... festive the last few days! I didn't really expect much. Things have been, um, well, subdued... but it's amazing, now! There are wreaths of acorns and oak leaves everywhere, and bouquets of brightly coloured rowan leaves hanging over every doorway. Mmm, and the smells from the kitchen! There's been a fresh pumpkin pie all the time, lately!

... um, F-Friska? Do... do you want to go and... get some of the pie together? And then maybe we could put... well, some nice, warm autumn wraps on and go sit in the garden and... talk a bit?

I... I think this is the first Festival since -- since what happened where I'm excited for it. Everything is different now. I'm in Rowan, not back in Emeron, and I really feel like -- like I have a family now, and...

Oh, Glenn! My darling! I miss you so much! When are you going to be home? I hope you'll stay for more than a few days...
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[Filter: Glenn]

... I think --

I don't think Friska is okay, Glenn.

It's -- it's what I told you. She hasn't been herself. I know everyone has been so preoccupied with Nerida and Constance and her children and Allba and I -- well, of course they should be! And you... you with House Byron business, and you're leaving soon to deal with all of -- well, all of everything, and ---

And I shouldn't be bothering you, I'm sorry. Ignore -- all of this! All of this, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be... you're so busy.

What can I do for you instead?
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Oh-- what was that?!
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I... oh. Oh, but it can't -- that can't be true, I --

I shouldn't eavesdrop, I know I shouldn't eavesdrop, it's a bad awful thing to eavesdrop and I know it is but everything has been so strange and confusing and I just wanted to know what was going on, and, and --

Glenn! Glenn you need to come home, you -- everything is...
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Glenn -- Constance is here! She's here and she brought her children! Oh, I didn't expect to see them at all! Nobody did. Ned is so excited! She's setting up rooms right now.

... Lord Derek isn't here, though. That's strange, isn't it? I wonder why she'd be travelling without him?

Oh, I'm so looking forward to getting to spend some time with her. I barely know her, compared to the rest of the family... and she is my sister, now.


I love how she does her hair...

Um, how are things in the capital?
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[Filter: Isanae]

Isanae ...

I'm sorry I haven't written. I bet you were worried about me.
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Oh, more guests! And important ones, too ...

This is so exciting. I don't think there's many people left to wait for before everyone is here! Oh, I'm so excited. Everyone! Um, the new guests, I mean -- do you think how everything looks? Red and white everywhere! Glenn's mother keeps sighing that we've completely taken over Rowan town, heehee. I love it. It's so ... comforting. Just red and white, everywhere.

Oh, Friska, I'm so happy you're here. You have to have tea with Martha and I as soon as you can and we'll tell you all about what we've been working on for our next story!
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Oh! Oh ...


I just saw the first look at my wedding dress! Oh, it's so beautiful! It's perfect. It's just scraps on a dressmaker doll right now, it can't be worn or anything like that all, but they wanted me to tell them what needed to be changed, and ...

Nothing! Nothing needs to be changed!! It's so perfect!

Oh, Glenn! I wish you could see it! I know you're not supposed to because of the rules, so many silly rules! But Ned loves the rules and I don't want to break her heart, but it's just so beautiful, Glenn! There are going to be actual little roselets, real roses on it! On the day of the wedding. And then, of course, they'll sew cloth ones after, so my dress can be somewhere without withering. And the big roses, those will all be cloth, too, but ... oh and the skirts! They're so ... frothy!

The only thing I wasn't sure about was the little hat, it's just not ... well, how things are done, in the North! But actually seeing it, it's going to be perfect, too! Even though House Byron will be a Northern House, I still think I'm a little bit Western, now ...


Oh, a Rose Day wedding. Everything is going to be so perfect. Just so, so perfect.
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I can't believe it's tomorrow. Oh, this week has passed so quickly. So quickly ...

This will This is Oh, I really don't know how to say it the way I want, but ... I'm really looking forward to this. I really, really am. Everyone has been so wonderful that I already feel like this is home! I do, I really do! And I ... haven't felt that way in such a long time, especially -- especially around, well, around Festival, because, well, I ...


Oh, but I still have two gifts left to get! I know that it's last minute, but ... I haven't had the courage to go out without Martha or Glenn, you see, and so I couldn't buy for either of you, but tonight -- tonight I think I can do it! Not alone, but if someone wants to take me ...

I know it'll be crowded, but I haven't felt this good in such a long time! I know I can do it!

-- are we going to have pumpkin cheesecake tomorrow? I've always wanted pumpkin cheesecake but T um well not everyone in my family liked it so we never got to. I would love pumpkin cheesecake!

This is going to be the most perfect day. I ... I'm so glad, I ... I thought I would never be excited on Festival Eve ever again.
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Ohhh, this is it, this is really it!

I know that I won't actually be marrying into House Rowan anymore, but I still feel ... well, you all love this place so much! And that makes me love it too! I can't help it ... I've always loved the things that the people I love love. Oh! That's a lot of the word love, isn't it?

The forests have been amazing, even in this rain, but this city ... oh, I love it already. I love it as much as you all love it. Look at all the trees! In Emeron, we cut down all the trees that grow where we don't want them to, but there are trees everywhere here! It's like ... like a secret magical city hidden in a forest glade! It's like how I always imagined Taln would be!

I can't believe we're finally here. I'm finally here ...
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[Filter: Glenn]

Oh, Glenn ...

Oh, Glenn!!
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[Filter: Glenn and Martha]

Even the countryside around Milesia is perfect. I suppose they have people to maintain it and be sure that it's beautiful for when the royal family goes riding like we just did, but still! Even the trees were all pruned and perfect ...

Ladybeth is so happy, just look at her pracing. It's ... it's been forever since I went on a real ride with her like that. It was so fast and frantic when we came here from Emeron, but that was ... heehee, just look at her leaning into the brush! Spoiled girl ... I should have gotten her an apple from the kitchens before I --

-- oh! Who -- what ...
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